UV Disinfection & Sterilization Systems

Uv disinfection & sterilization systems
UV Sterilizer UV-700. Production of closed UV vessels/reactors with food grade Polypropylene material up to 1000m³/h.

What does a UV Disinfection System do?

The UV Disinfection Systems emit Ultra Violet radiation which targets micro-organisms’ genetic material (DNA & RNA), causing its destruction. The systems provide disinfection in various applications such as aquaculture, public aquarium life support systems, commercial swimming pools, drinking water or industrial water treatment facilities, as well as in any wastewater treatment services.

The comparative advantage of the UVc disinfection system over various chemical disinfection methods, is the maintained and unaffected physical and chemical composition of water after the UVc radiation activity. UV systems eliminate chloramines and excess Ozone gas through a photochemical action, serving as a de-chlorination and de-ozonation process.

Corrosion Free (PP) Advanced UV Disinfection & Sterilization Systems

UV Sterilization in Water Treatment

MAT UVC-A and UVC-Β units are effective against any type of microorganism such as algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, etc, avoiding hyper chlorination and minimizing the risk of handling and dosing hazardous chemical products.

Uv disinfection systems
Series of UVc Sterilization Disinfection Systems

How does a UV Sterilizer Work?

The UV system receives pre-filtered water that flows into the reaction chamber, where Ultraviolet Radiation is emitted by low-pressure UVc lamps aiming to destroy the genetic material of the microorganisms contained within the water.

The MAT disinfection method is based on Ultraviolet germicidal radiation that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UVC A-C) light to inactivate microorganisms by destroying the nucleic acids of their DNA. The disruption of DNA leads them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

Uvc system flowchart
UVC System Flowchart

The Ultraviolet spectrum, is the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between 100 and 400 nm. The UVc spectrum is a part of this spectrum characterized by wavelengths between 100 and 280 nm. MAT UV Systems use UVc lamps made in Germany that deliver the desired spectrum for over six months of continuous usage or over 4500 hours of operation.

Electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths and widths induce interactions of different nature. The UVC radiation with a length of 254nm offers remarkable germicidal power. The high germicidal power of this wavelength has a great impact on microorganisms’ DNA.

DNA is the macromolecule met in all living organisms in which all information necessary for life and reproduction is included. UVc irradiation induces alterations in the chemical links amongst nucleotides, changing the conveyed information and preventing the normal cellular activity and reproduction of harmful viruses and microorganisms.

Advantages of MAT UV Sterilizers

  • MAT disinfection systems combine reliability and efficiency along with user-friendly operation and maintenance.
  • The reactor is designed for both vertical and horizontal installation.
  • MAT UVC Units are specially designed to decrease head loss and eliminate dark areas.
  • The reactor body is manufactured from Food Grade / virgin Polypropylene (PP) made in Germany. When compared to other plastics, it offers high resistance to aggressive environments such as warm seawater, to high temperature and corrosive fluids, as well as, has antibacterial properties.

Additional Features

Each UVC System can be equipped with:

  • Safety functions of pre-alarm indication and alarm.
  • Flow sensor and alarm.
  • UVC irradiance sensor and alarm.
  • Reactor temperature sensor and alarm for protection against overheating.

MAT UV systems come with a control panel to monitor the operation and effectiveness of the UVC lamps. The Lamp lifetime span is 17000 hours.

All units are integrated into the system with flange connections and can be dismantled by the flange connections. Service work including quartz sleeve and UVC-lamp replacement is performed without the need for any tools based on an easy handle mechanism.

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