Ozone Disinfection Certified by EUOTA

MAT Ozone Technology is the future of sterilization now. A non corrosive sterilization and rapid disinfection approach with fast results certified by the European Ozone Trade Association (EUOTA).

Ozone molecule structure


Non Chemical Reliable Disinfection

Ozone Applications & Industries

MAT OZONE industrial equipment offers the best solution for an effective, reliable, safe & natural disinfection process. MAT OZONE is a dedicated department of MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES © and has the technology as well as the expertise to provide reliable, safe industrial ozone systems to deliver your target ozone output.

The ozone equipment is applicable to Aquaculture Facilities, Aquarium Life Support Systems as well as all Water and Air disinfection applications. Find out about the many applications of Ozone Equipment where MAT systems are suitable for.

Ozone technology in wastewater treatment
Ozone Technology in Wastewater Treatment


The Ozone Equipment is designed & manufactured in-house to provide stable and reliable ozone delivery in high humidity environments. MAT Ozone generators are sensitive electrical equipment fabricated specifically for the harsh environmental conditions found in most industrial water treatment environments.

MAT Ozone units cover a wide variety of Ozone Production requirements, starting from 1g/h up to 100g/h.



MAT Ozone generators are an ideal addition to maximize the efficiency of the water treatment process. They can be used as part of a full water treatment solution or used as a stand-alone disinfection system. MAT Ozone Generators are designed with a minimized footprint while maintaining a stable gas output; low power consumption; and operation in saline and humid ambient conditions.

Fitted with low energy consumption regenerative air dryers, MAT Ozone generators provide efficient dry air supply to the on-board Oxygen Concentrators. The dried air is supplied to the Oxygen Concentrators by a low maintenance oil free compressor.

Our Oxygen Concentrators work on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) principle, resulting in high purity, ~95% Oxygen feed, which is ready for the final process step through the Ozone Production.

Industrial ozone generator
Industrial Ozone Generator MAT OZC-1000
Industrial ozone skid system
Industrial Ozone Skid System

The process inside to the Ozone Production Cell involves a powerful electric discharge at a stable frequency which splits Oxygen molecule to atoms and forms Ozone gas.

MAT Ozone Equipment comes standard constructed from high grade brushed 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance against the harsh conditions found in many industrial treatment facilities. All the components of the MAT ozone generators are repairable and replaceable in the field without the use of specialty tools.

We stand behind our equipment by offering a standard warranty of 12 months on our Ozone generators and 24 months on our Ozone Contact Equipment. Furthermore, our technical support team is easily reachable to assist the end user. Because we manufacture the Ozone Equipment in our production facility, we maintain a ready supply of all components ready for rapid dispatch to our customers throughout the world.


Quality controlled from design to delivery. Conserving our precious resources through quality engineering is what sets MAT Industrial Ozone Equipment apart.


MAT OZONE: The Future of Sterilization Now

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Suitable for every application

The ozone equipment is suitable for every industry and every application

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Instant Clean Technology

Rapid disinfection results with MAT ozone generators.

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Environmental Friendly​

Safe and easy to use disinfection equipment with low power consumption.


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Creation & Innovation is what MAT Engineering is made of. Efficiency & Performance is where it leads to.

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