Industrial Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

Industrial Corona Discharge Ozone Generator
Industrial Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

Industrial Ozone Generators

MAT OZ 1-2 Industrial Ozone Generators are panel mounted plug and play ozone generator sets. Our Ozone Generators use high quality electronic hardware to reach stable voltage frequency required for the corona discharge production method. The reactor body consists of ceramic tubes located within and air-cooled body. Air supply is provided by the included air pump with air passed through a desiccant air dryer unit prior to entering the reaction chamber. Utilizing the included air flow meter, the operator can adjust the air flow rate to achieve the desired ozone concentration within the operating range of the ozone generator. These panel mounted units can be operated stand alone or can be partnered with optional On/Off control instrumentation. Our most popular options include ORP control and Ambient Ozone Gas Detection units.

The reliable MAT OZ 1-2 Corona Discharge Ozone Generators are covered by a standard 12 month warranty.

MAT OZ Series A, B & C (Corona Discharge) Ozone Generators
Series A Ozone Output5-10 Grams per Hour
Series B Ozone Output20-50 Grams per Hour
Series C Ozone Output75-100 Grams per Hour
Industrial Corona Discharge Ozone Generator
Industrial Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

MAT OZ Series A, B & C Ozone Generators are compact all in one, skid mounted ozone systems utilizing reliable corona discharge ozone production methodology. Utilizing highly efficient refrigeration air dryer systems to remove excess moisture from the feed air, our units reduce the occurrence of corrosive acid build up inside of the ozone production units. Furthermore, efficiency of the ozone production is achieved through the use of pressure swing absorption oxygen concentration in the feed supply providing 95% pure oxygen supply to the ozone production cell. Use of high quality solid state electronics ensures a stable voltage frequency within the ozone production cell.

MAT Oz Series A, B & C Series Ozone Generators can achieve varying Ozone concentrations through the use of the included potentiometer. The oil free on board compressor has been chosen after extensive testing in the factory as well as field trials to ensure reliability and maintenance free operation. The corona discharge ozone production cell is made from ceramic tubes for corrosion resistance, heat dissipation and longevity. Capable of being operated independently, MAT Ozone can provide optional Ozone measuring devices for automatic On/Off control to suit your intended application. The most common upgrade options include highly accurate, laboratory grade ORP probe(s) with included digital displays as well as gas detection for measuring of ambient ozone.

MAT Ozone units come standard constructed from high grade brushed 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance against the harsh conditions found in many industrial treatment facilities. All the components of the MAT ozone generators are repairable and replaceable in the field without the use of specialty tools.

Custom Ozone Generator Solutions

Have a challenging industrial installation requirement? The engineering team at MAT OZONE can provide custom configurations to meet your exacting requirements.

Industrial Corona Discharge Ozone Generator - SPECIFICATIONS

ModelPrice (€)Footprint Min (mm)Footprint Max (mm)Max Height (mm)Ozone Output (g/h)Ozone Concentration (g/m3)Nominal Energy Consumption (W)Max Energy Consumption (W)Nominal Energy Consumption (A)Max Energy Consumption (A)Total Heat Load (W)Supply Voltage 50/60 Hz (V)Ozone Outlet Size- SS316 (mm)Ozone Flow-Rate (lpm)Air Conditioner (Filter+Dryer)Device
Weight (Kg)
Ozone Production Method
OZ-53405.7560590012505176569003.934.5187.81~220V851100Corona Discharge
OZ-104001.86059001250103478310004.284.5205.41~220V851112Corona Discharge
OZ-205873.6868010501250203487314504.716.6278.61~220V8101153Corona Discharge
OZ-306682.8968010501250305093215505.487364.21~220V8101158Corona Discharge
OZ-509978.956801050125050412042269010.5113597.21~220V8201170Corona Discharge
OZ-7512346.157501250161575413674490016.6423995.61~220V8301190Corona Discharge
OZ-10019076.9275012501615100384472700023.15321438.41~220V8451210Corona Discharge
Ozone GeneratorPrice (BC) (€)Footprint
[ft] Width
[ft] Depth
Max Height [mm]Ozone
Output [oz/h]
Ozone Concentration [oz/ft³]Nominal Energy Consumption [W]Max Energy Consumption [W]Nominal Energy Consumption [A]Max Energy Consumption [A]Supply Voltage
50Hz [V]
Ozone Outlet
AISI 316 [in]
Ozone Flow
Rate [gpm]
Total Heat Load [W]Air Conditioner Filter+DryerDevice
Weight [lbs]
Ozone Production Method
OZ-53405.752' 11"1' 12"4' 1"0.17636980970.01698040536569003.9351~2201/4"1.3208602618187.81220.4622621849Corona Discharge
OZ-104001.82' 11"1' 12"4' 1"0.35273961950.033960810678310004.27551~2201/4"1.3208602618205.41246.9177336471Corona Discharge
OZ-205873.683' 5"2' 3"4' 1"0.7054792390.033960810687314504.716.51~2201/4"2.6417205236278.61337.3072611429Corona Discharge
OZ-306682.893' 5"2' 3"4' 1"1.05821885850.049942368593215505.4891~2201/4"2.6417205236364.21348.3303742521Corona Discharge
OZ-509978.953' 5"2' 3"4' 1"1.76369809750.04095274212042269010.508131~2201/4"2.6417205236597.21374.7858457143Corona Discharge
OZ-7512346.154' 1"2' 6"5' 4"2.64554714620.04095274213674490016.64143~4001/4"3.9625807854995.61418.8782981513Corona Discharge
OZ-10019076.924' 1"2' 6"5' 4"3.5273961950.03795624472700023.152143~4001/4"10.56688209431438.41462.9707505882Corona Discharge
* MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES™ preserves the right to update anytime the listed prices (if any). Every effort has been made so that the above specs are accurate. However please contact our Sales Department for up to date technical data, electrical specs according to your regional requirements and current Ex-Works pricelist. The listed prices are for the basic equipment and do not include any optional components.

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