Cold Plasma Ozone Generator

Cold plasma ozone generator
Cold Plasma Industrial Ozone Generator. Model 70

Cold Plasma Ozone Generators

The Cold Plasma Ozone Generators offer high performance and high ozone concentration in a low power, low cost, compact and user friendly design. The Units are microprocessor controlled with microchannel design for precise ozone control. High quality solid state electronics are included to ensure a stable voltage frequency within the ozone production cell.

The MAT Cold Plasma Ozone Generator (OZC) is capable of fully automated control for constant and stable ozone output. The ozone output set point adjustment can also be made manually at the unit. Alternately, through the use of the onboard Programmable Logic Controller, the set point can be adjusted automatically when integrated with optional instrumentation installed in the treatment process stream.

Each easy to operate unit comes complete with manual/automatic selector switches, emergency stop button, gas pressure control valve and an intuitive touch screen display. MAT’s touch screen display improves the operational experience by graphically providing the user with important performance information such as power consumption, operating temperature and faults.

In addition MAT OZC Cold Plasma Ozone Generators have been specifically designed for the harsh, warm, humid environments found in most industrial environments. The enclosure is made from corrosion resistant brushed 316 stainless steel while the included high efficiency refrigeration dryer reduces the buildup of corrosive agents within the generator.

Equipment Warranty

The MAT OZC Cold Plasma Ozone Generator series are covered by a standard 12 month warranty.

Standard Components of Cold Plasma Ozone Generators

MAT Cold Plasma Ozone Generators are designed with safety in mind. Our units come standard with:

  • High temperature shutoff sensor.
  • High oxygen gas temperature.
  • Fail closed solenoid valves on the oxygen gas inlet and ozone outlet lines.
  • External backflow prevention control.
  • Interlocks for Ambient Ozone Monitoring.
  • Ozone Injection pump status monitoring and interlocks.
  • Ozone Destruct status monitoring and interlocks.
  • Electrics to IEC standards.

Cold Plasma Ozone Generator - SPECIFICATIONS

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